Sunday 17th August 2003

Torrey Cup Winners
John Dye   Barry Hubbard   Jean Worrell
The Torrey Cup was played on Sunday 17th August.
Played at Heacham Social Bowls Club.

There were two blocks entered from each of the following teams
Social 'A'
Ex Service
Each block played against all other blocks
So each block played 7 games of 6 ends
Final Results, positions and shots below.
Winners 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
Fox I
55 Shots

J Worrell
J Dye
B Hubbard
Social II
44 Shots

J C Hammond
M Rumens
C Childs
Fox II
43 Shots

P Pells
F Burrows
D Worrell
Social I
42 Shots

S Lee
M Easter
P Lee
Ex Service I
37 Shots

N Robinson
T Jennings
G Robinson
Social 'A' II
35 Shots

P Moore
A Barber
J Faulkner
Social 'A' I
31 Shots

R Goldring
P Cummins
C Cummins
Ex Service II
27 Shots

D Twiddy
J Pritchard
S Rudd

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