50th Anniversary of the Floods

We take a look back at the floods of 31st January 1953 and what is being done today to try and prevent it happening again.

The outside photos show how Heacham North Beach was before the start of the project that started in the Autumn of 2002, the centre photo shows extensive damage caused by the floods of 1953
Again the outside photos show the start of the project and the centre photo more flood damage.

This time the outside photos shows work in progress during November 2002 and coming towards the end of the project, the centre photo shows the depth of water at the railway station which was about half a mile from the North Beach

On the left damage at Heacham South Beach, centre the railway signal box, and on the right one of the main Beach Cafe's on North Beach. So will the sea defences stop it happening again?

We hoped to have the completed 

sea defences shown in this feature

But unfortunately the project is still not
 finished, the nearest section to completion

is shown in the centre, the top of the steps 

still needs concreting plus a back wall.

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