David's Four Years with 'Changing Faces'


This feature comes right out of the blue. David Bird phoned me last week to ask if we would like a photo of the winning bowls block in the Annual Torrey Cup Competition, as he knew we were unable to cover the event as we were at the Hunstanton Tennis Tournament as Barry & I had been asked to run a website for them. After saying 'Yes Please' to the photo, he mentioned his involvement with 'Changing Faces' and asked if we could do a feature to help.
David sent me some photos and a short account of his four years with 'Changing Faces', below helps to show the important work he is involved in.


Hi Malcolm
Here are some of the photos regarding the charity, "Changing Faces" that I was telling you about the other day.  I have been involved with the charity for nearly four years now I suppose and I have done various bits and pieces for them over that time.  I feel very honoured to have been able to be involved with them and below is list of different things that have happened to me since those early days.

September 2000   I was interviewed by John Peel for the Radio 4 programme " Home Truths"

February 2001     Filmed for a documentary

April/May 2001   I wrote an article for one of their booklets (Facing Disfigurement with Confidence), I was also used for their early posters and leaflets.

September 2002   I went to London for a photo shoot by Britain's leading advertising agency WCRS for a poster campaign.  


WCRS are the advertising agency that are responsible for some of our well-known advertisements that we regularly see on the television some of them include the National Lottery (Billy Connolly) First Direct (Vic Reeves), Nectar (Sainsburyís etc) The New Mini and several others also. A professional photographer by the name of Andy Flack took the photos and three other people were also photographed for this campaign, their names being Michelle Godfrey, Susan Duncan and Mark Crank.

My wife and I were then invited by His Grace The Duke Of Westminster and the Trustees of the charity to a pre- launch evening for the posters on 12th November 2002 which was held at the Dukes own headquarters in Grosvenor Street London.  There were a few celebrities including Moira Stewart (Newsreader) and William Simons (Ventriss from Heartbeat), advertising agencies and several business people from the city present on this evening.

Poster Launch in London December 2002   The posters were launched on BBC1 Breakfast News and also on Gloria Huniford's "Open House".

January 2003   My own story was featured in the Lynn News

Spring 2003     Media coverage of posters in National Newspapers

March 2003     Article with me included in Woman Magazine

June 2003        My story covered by Look East & Radio Norfolk

July 2003         Posters used throughout the London Underground

The posters are now also going out to some of the major cities of the UK and will be used on advertising billboards and bus ends
I do hope that by me and others trying to help to bring this issue out to the public, that it may encourage all of those people who are having problems in coping with disfigurement, to come to terms with this problem.
If you have the chance to put anything relating to Changing Faces on your website for a short period of time I would be so pleased and I am sure that Changing Faces would be really grateful for any help in any way what-so-ever. Any media coverage in any description can only be good.
Changing Faces can be contacted on 020 7706 4232 or by going to their website which is
Thanks Malcolm for taking the time to read my letter, I do however understand if you are not able to help and won't be offended if you are unable to do so.
With my very best regards